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Q: Is my child "good enough" to be on swim team?

A: The Dolphins Swim Team provides programs to fit all levels.  The YMCA swim team's motto is, "everybody swims, everybody wins!"  Beginner swimmers can enjoy the benefits of competitive swimming in our introductory program.  Swimmers should be able to swim at least 25 yards of front crawl/freestyle with rotary breathing without assistance at tryouts to make age 1- senior groups. Once swimmers are on the team, he/she will learn all the competitive strokes, starts and turns! 


Q: I see that the Oneida Dolphins are a dual-sanctioned YMCA and USA Swim Team. What does that mean?

A: YMCA and USA Swimming are governed by USA Swimming rules. YMCA Swimming and USA Swimming provide different outlets for competition, both of which benefit the swimmer.  Our meet schedule is developed to provide athletes with the opportunity to compete in different competition formats and events during the year, with the goal of creating a well-rounded athlete in mind.


Q:  The practice hours seem like a lot. I am worried my child's grades will slip in school or they will be too tired. What happens with most of the swimmers that are currently on your team?

A: Most swimmers quickly adjust to the training schedule. Many parents typically find that their child's grades actually improve during the swim season, as they are required to make more efficient use of their time.  Over 95% of our swimmers consistently make honor roll each quarter. Our philosophy is to allow for an organized progression for swimmers as they grow and become more committed to the sport. Younger swimmers typically train 2-3 times per week, while older and more committed swimmers swim 4-5 practices per week. Responsibility and commitment to school and swimming typically comes as the athletes get older and more dedicated. 


Q: My son plays soccer in the fall? Can he still swim during the season if he can't start until mid October?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Many of our swimmers compete in fall sports like soccer, cross country, field hockey, football, etc. Most swimmers "sneak" in 1-4 practices during the week when they can and after the fall season is over, fully immerse themselves into swimming.  We encourage swimmers to try other sports during the fall and spring school sports seasons! It creates healthy and happy athletes and prevents athletes from "burning out."


Q: This sport seems like a big commitment. How do I know if it's for me?

A: Yes, this sport does require a level of commitment, but as with anything in life, you won't know until you try! The coaching staff is proud of our team family and the strong relationship between the swimmers and parent group.  We think that you will find swimming a lot different from other organized youth sports. It is not uncommon to find our swimmers and families  enjoying their "free time" with their swim families and missing them on weekends off from swimming.  Swimming is an AMAZING family sport! 


Q: How much does it cost for the season and why?

A: Seasonal fees cover operating expenses such as program service fees, YMCA National fees, YMCA Central NY District fees, district event fees, USA Fees, USA certifications, and practice hours.  Fees vary depending on your child's training group. Fees (full payment or 2-payment plan) are due at time of registration. On average, your seasonal fee comes out to about $5.00 per hour!   

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